About Me

Carin Lindberg of Camali Design, CornwallI originally come from Sweden where I grew up in a small town in the south. Whilst at university working towards my Masters degree in Animal Science I was given the opportunity to go and study in Edinburgh for 6 months. When I got back to Sweden and graduated I found it was a real challenge to find work in the area I was interested in, so I turned to the UK for work instead. In 1997 I got a job and moved to Bath in Somerset where I lived for 8 years. I worked as a technical assistant for about 4 years, then taught myself web design and development and worked for a phone network operator for 3 years until I was made redundant. I then got a job working as a developer for a company producing mobile phone services, and we moved to Wiltshire. About 4 years later, in 2008, we had had enough of the rat race and me and my partner (now husband) decided to move lock, stock and barrell to Boscastle in Cornwall, where we now live with our 3 year old son.

I started making jewellery around 2004, firstly with beaded jewellery but soon moved to learn wire wrapping and then silversmithing which I really enjoy. At first it was just for myself, but soon I realised others were interested and so I started selling my wares online and at local fairs. Since moving to Cornwall I have made the jewellery a part of my living and now sell online, at fairs and in a few local shops.

About My Jewellery

Out To Sea at Boscastle, CornwallAs a designer and silversmith I design and create a collection of silver and gemstone jewellery from my home workshop on the north Cornish coast. I would describe my work as a modern collection with an organic feel. My amazing surroundings are inspiring and influence my work by its colours and textures. My Swedish roots also contribute to my style as I am often inspired by Scandinavian design, for its simplicity, practicality and elegance.

I use quality materials such as sterling and fine silver, and sometimes accents of gold and copper. I strive to find particularly interesting or beautiful gemstones, beach pebbles and other natural materials, which I combine with my own handmade silver components.

Most of my jewellery is given a slight vintage or industrial look by adding a gunmetal grey patina, wire brushing and polishing the silver by hand. The patina gives the silver a mellow look and brings out textures - a perfect base for the beautiful stones. Some pieces are given a matte brushed finish for a simple understated look, which lets beautiful gemstones take centre stage.

Each piece is meticulously hand finished for a truly unique style. As all my jewellery is handmade from natural materials, every piece is in essential unique.

I welcome commissions and would love to discuss a special piece made just for you, so just send me an email to talk about your project.

Thank you so much for for your interest and for looking at my web site!

/ Carin

I am a member of:

Hidden ArtMember of The Guild of Jewellery DesignersSelf-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer

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